Orson Welles once said:

“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.”

A wonderful sentiment in my opinion, the idea of the camera being an eye, a way of allowing us to see the world how someone else sees it. Yet, while quotations such as this make me joyous by acknowledging that film can at once be as pretentious as literature and an art form in its own right, I must admit that my extensive DVD collection is a rather shameful mix of films worthy of their title as celluloid poetry and those that, to extend Welles’ poetic analogy, could only have been created by McGonagall himself.

Poor McGonagall, while his poetry may be some of the most horrific I have ever read, I still read it and enjoyed it. And so, like the world’s worst poet is celebrated in his own way, so should the McGonagall-esque films of the world.

And so I finally reach my purpose… While I write for several blogs, the realisation struck me that film has been distinctly neglected. So this is to be rectified. Enter ‘ILoveFilmDoYou?‘ From the Woolf to the McGonagall, ILoveFilmDoYou? writes about those films you never saw, secretly always wanted to see, pretended you had already seen to see how far we can stretch Welles’ analogy while satisfying my own self indulgent need to review and catalogue the many films I watch…

Questions and suggestions can and should be directed to:  ilovefilmdoyou [at] googlemail [dot] com


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